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Welcome to Housing Pathways

The launch of Housing Pathways marks the start of a new era.


Housing Pathways represents a momentous shift in the way people will apply for social housing, with one common application form and one housing register.


The people who will be benefiting from Housing Pathways are social housing clients. The change is all about making applying for housing assistance simpler and fairer for you.


Where previously, you would place a 10-page application with Housing NSW and then go to two or three community housing providers and place all your details into two or three more application forms – this has now become a lot easier from today.


Not only is applying now easier, but making changes to details or requesting a transfer will be much simpler. You can update your details just the once by contacting either Housing NSW or your local community housing provider. No longer do you have to remember all the organisations you have placed your details with.


AND fairer – Housing Pathways ensures that the criteria for assessing eligibility for social housing applies once across the board. You will be able to receive information about your progress in the register from any of the participating organisations.

This will lead to us being able to deliver a more efficient and streamlined service to you.


We’re making it easier to apply for housing assistance

You’ll soon be able to apply for housing assistance online and over the phone.


Over the coming months we’re introducing a new phone application service so people can easily and quickly get the help they need without having to come into an office.


This phone service is already available in the Penrith and Blue Mountains areas, and the Western NSW and Murrumbidgee areas, with more areas to follow in early 2016.


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Are you homeless?

We can help you if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Read more…

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Private Rental Assistance

Problems paying the rent? If you're in a private rental property and experiencing hardship, Housing NSW can help. Read more…

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)

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