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Fact Sheets Overview

The following Fact sheets relate to eligibility and applying for social housing assistance.


Note: for any Fact sheets relating to tenancy please see Housing NSW website.


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  • About Community Housing (PDF, 83KB)
  • About Housing Pathways
  • Allocation Zones
  • Appeals and reviewing decisions (PDF, 240KB)
  • Applying for Social Housing (PDF, 472KB)


  • Domestic and Family Violence (PDF, 295KB)


  • Housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (PDF, 285KB)


  • Income limits: For rent subsidy, lease review and Rentstart Move (PDF, 256KB)


  • Keeping Your Application Active (PDF, 464KB)


  • New obligations for social housing applicants (PDF, 123KB)


  • Payment options for clients (PDF, 370KB)
  • Private Rental Assistance (PDF, 86KB)
  • Private Rental: Brokerage Service (PDF, 215KB)
  • Private Rental Subsidy (PDF, 68KB)
  • Private Rental: Documents you need (PDF, 46KB)
  • Private Rental: Finding a Property (PDF, 72KB)
  • Private Rental: Inspecting a Property (PDF, 89KB)
  • Private Rental: Steps to Renting (PDF, 128KB)
  • Private Rental: Tenant Databases (PDF, 122KB)
  • Private Rental: Your Housing Needs (PDF, 129KB)


  • Recognition as a Tenant (PDF, 140KB)
  • Recognition as a Tenant for Aboriginal Households (PDF, 212KB)
  • Rentstart Bond Loan
  • Rent Deduction Scheme: Why you should not leave the Rent Deduction Scheme (PDF, 128KB)
  • Rentstart information for landlords and real estate agents (PDF, 216KB)
  • Rentstart Bond Loan Managing your payments (PDF, 284KB)
  • Rentstart Move (PDF, 86KB)


  • Social Housing Properties (PDF, 114KB) 
  • Start Safely Subsidy (PDF, 576KB) 


  • Tenancy Guarantee: Information for Landlords and Agents (PDF, 8MB)
  • Tenant Transfers (PDF, 384KB)
  • Tenant's rights and responsibilities (PDF, 244KB)
  • W

  • Waiting times for social housing (PDF, 195KB)
  • What is Rent It Keep It? (PDF, 422KB)

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