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Policy Last Amended: 20 January 2014


Please see below all Housing Pathways policies relating to eligibility and applying for social housing assistance. Housing Pathways also provide fact sheets that explain the main points of a policy.


Note: for policies relating to how we assist tenants, as well as policies that address tenants responsibilities, please see the Housing NSW website.



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  • Changing a Tenancy Policy
  • Children and Young People at Risk Policy
  • Client Service Delivery and Appeals Policy
  • D

  • Domestic and Family Violence Policy Statement (PDF, 224KB)
  • E

  • Eligibility for Social Housing Policy
  • H

  • Housing Assistance Options Policy
  • M

  • Managing the NSW Housing Register Policy
  • Matching and Offering a Property to a Client Policy
  • P

  • Private Rental Assistance Policy
  • Private Rental Assistance Policy Supplement
  • R

  • Rentstart Assistance Policy
  • Rentstart Bond Loan Account Management Policy
  • S

  • Social Housing Eligibility and Allocations Policy Supplement
  • Social Housing Assistance Policy for Registered Persons
  • T

  • Tenancy Policy Supplement
  • Transfer Policy

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