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Application Form Overview

Applying for housing assistance

Housing assistance in NSW is provided under Housing Pathways. This means that assistance is delivered by Housing NSW and participating community housing providers (together referred to as social housing providers).


You can apply for social housing assistance from any participating social housing provider by using a single application form “Application for Housing Assistance”. You can also use this form to apply for a transfer if you are already a tenant of a social housing provider. Applications for housing assistance can be lodged in person, by mail or over the phone (After Hours Temporary Accommodation and Rentstart only).


The Application for Housing Assistance form asks important questions about you and other people in your household. The answers you give will help a social housing provider to understand what kind of help you might need and how urgent and/or complex your situation is. Your application will be assessed on the information you give us on this form.


To fill the Application for Housing Assistance form below:

  • read each question carefully
  • answer all the questions
  • provide document that support your application

Application Form

  • Application for Housing Assistance Form (PDF, 1.4MB)
  • Evidence Requirements Information Sheet (PDF, 231KB)
  • Additional Supplements

  • Rentstart Bond Loan Supplement (PDF, 900KB)
  • Tenancy Guarantee Supplement (PDF, 986KB)
  • Social Housing Supplement (PDF, 1.1MB) 
  • Transfer and Mutual Exchange Supplement for Public Housing Tenants (PDF, 1MB)
  • Transfer Supplement for Community Housing Tenants (PDF, 851KB)
  • Recognition as a Tenant Supplement (PDF, 1.1MB)
  • Other Forms

  • Medical Assessment (PDF, 143KB)
  • Independent Living Skills Assessment (PDF, 109KB)
  • Details of Land or Property Ownership (PDF, 132KB)
  • General Consent to Exchange Information & Authority to Act on Client's Behalf (PDF, 153KB)
  • Consent to Exchange Information between a Social Housing Provider and a Support Worker (PDF, 126KB)
  • Acknowledgement and Agreement to Repay Debt (PDF, 93KB)
  • Housing Statement (PDF, 86KB)

    For more information on the types of assistance you can access through Housing Pathways, see the Housing Assistance Options Policy.


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