Housing Pathways

Apply for Housing Assistance

Do you need urgent assistance?

Call Link2Home
1800 152 152
Domestic and family violence
Call NSW Domestic Violence Line
1800 656 463
Child at risk
Call Child Protection Helpline
132 111
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You can also call the Housing Contact Centre
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

1800 422 322

Who is eligible

  • Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • Residents of New South Wales
  • Those who meet income eligibility

What to expect

  • Communication from us via email and SMS
  • Ability to update your form over 30 days
  • Upload supporting documents online
  • Income and identification details checked securely online

What you will need

  • One form of ID for each household member over 16 years
  • Your Centrelink number, Medicare Card or Drivers Licence
  • Documents supporting your need for housing assistance
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