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Expected Waiting Times

The Department of Family and Community Services has released updated information on the expected social housing waiting times for general applicants.

The update contains information about the number of available properties, the number of people waiting in each area and the expected waiting times for social housing in NSW.

The information is published by allocation zones – which are groups of suburbs or towns where social housing is available. It is a guide for applicants to help them make a more informed decision on their choice of allocation zone, as well as providing approved applicants with a better idea of how long they may need to wait for a property in their current zone.

The expected waiting times are determined by considering the length of time that general applicants close to the top of the list have been waiting for a property, as well as the length of time that has passed since a property last became available in this location. It is important to consider both these factors, as in some locations there are only a small number of properties which turn over infrequently.

The information is available in two formats:

1. Expected waiting times by geographic region

Showing expected waiting times for general social housing applicants by bedroom category and allocation zone

2. Expected waiting times overview

Is a detailed table containing additional information such as the number of social housing residential properties by allocation zone, the number of general and priority applicants housed in the previous year by allocation zone, as well as the number of general and priority applicants on the NSW Housing Register by zone.

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