Housing Pathways

Private Rental Assistance Application Forms

You can apply for most Private Rental Assistance products in two ways.

Firstly, you can apply for all types of housing assistance, including help to set up a tenancy in the private rental market, using an Application for Housing Assistance form. Your social housing provider will assess your application and suggest suitable products that match your housing need. For more information, visit the Application form overview.

Secondly, if you have found an affordable property to rent in the private market and want assistance with bond, you can complete an Application for Rentstart Bond Loan. This includes assistance with advance rent for accommodation where a deposit is required but there is no requirement for a bond to be lodged with the Rental Bond Board.

You can easily apply online:

(Note: The Rentstart Bond Loan online form is for the following forms only: Part A - Application for Rentstart Bond Loan, Part B - Additional Person, Part C - Property Information, Part D - Income from Employment and Part E - Rentstart Bond Loan Agreement and Authority for Bond Loan Deduction)