Housing Pathways

NSW Housing Register

Under Housing Pathways, Housing NSW has overarching responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the NSW housing register.

The NSW housing register is a single list of approved clients waiting for social housing. The NSW housing register lists clients in order according to their required housing location, their approval category and approval date.

When a social housing provider approves a client for social housing, the provider will place the client on the NSW housing register. Housing NSW and community housing organisations will then use this register to offer housing when a suitable property becomes available.

The time that a client will wait on the NSW housing register depends on:

  • The number of vacancies
  • The supply of social housing in the area, including the number of social housing providers
  • The number of people waiting for the same type of housing in the same area who have been waiting longer
  • Willingness to accept offers of both public and community housing
  • The number of people who have demonstrated a high need to be housed
  • The number of applicants leaving the NSW housing register.

Clients may change their preference to an area with a shorter waiting time, or change their provider preference, at any time prior to a housing provider making an offer of housing.

Supporting Application Forms

For more information about Social Housing Register see Managing the NSW Housing Register Policy.